Starve Acre by Andrew Michael Hurley

Publication Date 31st October 2019 by John Murray

I really enjoyed Hurley’s previous book The Loney so I had high hopes for this and it didn’t disappoint.
The story centres around Richard and Juliette who are grieving the sudden loss of their 5 year old son Ewan. We don’t know at first how he died but as the story unravels we learn that Ewan was not your average little boy. Following his death strange and weird happenings begin to occur and and the story takes on a menacing twist.

I find Hurley has a unique style of writing which is descriptive and well paced and this has created a haunting story packed full of emotion. It is different from anything I would normally read as it deals very much with the paranormal so I was very sceptical, however, if like me you can accept that and get past the strangeness of it all you will find an excellent story waiting for you.



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2 thoughts on “Starve Acre by Andrew Michael Hurley

  1. I think I need to read this book. Sounds just my thing. I like an element of the paranormal but don’t generally read horror novels.


    1. I think you would really enjoy this then, it is strange and bizarre but wonderful and it is one of those books you will either love to bits or really not like.


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